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PIC Microcontroller Course

Transform from an Embedded Enthusiast to a Professional Embedded Developer

Master embedded systems development by taking this PIC Microcontroller Course. The course is designed for beginners in embedded systems. By completing this course, you can achieve the following.

  • Develop libraries for various peripherals of embedded systems
  • Develop drivers for various internal modules and communication protocols in Microcontrollers
  • Learn to interface various input-output devices with PIC Microcontrollers
  • Connect different display devices to PIC Microcontrollers
  • Learn to develop interrupt driven firmware development
  • Write bare metal firmware of various devices in embedded systems

PIC Microcontroller Course

PIC Microcontroller is one of the widely used Microcontrollers in the industry, that’s why they are very much familiar with academic projects also. According to recent market research (2017), Microchip is the 3rd largest supplier of Microcontroller in the world and their market share increases every year. By learning using an industry-wide microcontroller, you can kick-start a career in embedded systems much easier.

The course follows a workshop method. In each section, first we start with theory, then we delve into the hardware designing and then to internals of Microcontrollers. After that, we will be doing a hands-on programming session where we show how to implement the theory real hand. We designed this course to give you the real embedded system design fundamentals, that is both firmware development and hardware design tips.

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