A simple client program is used to access a webpage and displays it on the serial monitor. Retrieving a web page contents sent by a server, to demonstrate basic client’s functionality. Once you are able to retrieve information from a server, you should be able to phrase it and extract specific data you need.
by using the library

We should start by connecting the module to an access point to obtain an access to the internet.

Once connected to the network we should connect to the specific server. Web address of this server is declared in host character string. You need to get privateKey at https://thingspeak.com/channels/392874/api_keys

Now we should declare a client that will be contacting the host (server)

Then connect to the host and check the connection result. Note that 80 that is the standard port number used for web access.

If the connection is successful, Then we create a request for URL.

and we should send a request to the host to provide specific information we need. This is done using the HTTP GET request as in the following lines:

we can read all the lines of the reply from the server and print them to Serial and print out server’s response:

ThingSpeak requires a user account and a channel to get the private key. Each channel has up to eight data fields, location fields, and a status field. A free account holder can send data every 15 seconds to ThingSpeak.

  1. Sign up for a new account.
  2. Create a channel by selecting Channels > My Channels > New Channel.
  3. Enable Field 1
  4. Enter the value as the Field 1 name.
  5. Name the channel. For example, WiFi Client
  6. Save your channel.
  7. Note the Write API Key on the API Keys tab.


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