Connecting the power supply

PICKIT supports external DC adapter and USB power. For using the DC adapter, use the power switch (SW2) to select the power. USB power can be directly connected to the board and it doesn’t need any switch for turning ON the power.

Powering up OpenLab

Programmer support

Board supports all programming options including Serial ICSP programmer, USB programmer, Debuggers etc.

Read more about programmer support in OpenLab.

Working modes

There are two modes for easy operation of the board, programming mode and power mode. In power mode, the ICSP section is cut down from the PIC Microcontroller, so it runs the code. The programming mode limits the power from the programmer only to the Microcontroller and cut off the power supply from the remaining part of the board.

Basically, programming mode can be used for programming and power mode for running. But in case of the debuggers, the board should be in power mode. Because the debugging operation takes place while executing the code.


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