Online Courses for Embedded system and Internet of Things

Learn Bare Metal Programming

We believe, without the knowledge of writing bare-metal programming one cannot become a good firmware developer. So we’ve set the syllabus of the online course in such a way that learners will start to develop firmware from the scratch, without any external libraries. So that they can understand the internals of operating systems, driver development and processors&microcontrollers.

Hardware design learning

Embedded engineers need to be proficient in both firmware and internal hardware. Our courses give learners the required hardware knowledge along with the internals of microcontrollers.

Transform from an embedded enthusiast to a professional embedded engineer

OpenLabPro presents comprehensive online courses for the Embedded systems with 8051, PIC and ARM microcontrollers. This online course consists of a complete video lecture for different topics from basics to advanced devices and also you will get all the necessary materials such as descriptive notes, circuit diagrams, Block diagrams and example codes for each Lesson.

The courses follow a workshop method where we combine theory and practicals. We designed this course to give you the real embedded system design fundamentals, that is both firmware development and hardware design.

By completing each course,

  • You will learn about the controller and how to use them to develop your application
  • You will get a complete understanding of hardware setup in OpenLab platform and Embedded system design
  • You will learn Embedded C and microcontroller programming
  • You will learn how to develop a firmware for a particular application using the device datasheet
  • You will also get a complete idea on how to use different compilers and other development tools for different controllers
  • You can write bare metal firmware of various devices in embedded systems
  • You will learn to develop interrupt driven firmware development
  • You will start to develop libraries for various peripherals and internal modules of an embedded system