Be an expert in Internet of Things

( IoT)

Learn to develop complete IoT applications from scratch. Learn Hardware, Firmware and  Cloud integration. The course covers all topics from Basics to advanced with real-world examples

Online video course : Internet of Things


Hardware design

Learn to work with multiple wireless modules Like Wifi, Bluetooth, Lora, GPS, SPRS, ZigBee

Firmware Design

Learn to work on IoT protocols like MQTT and programming microcontrolller

Basic Interfacing

Interfacing ESP32 with different sensors. Both analog and Digital inputs are discussed here

Cloud Integration

Learn to develop Dashboards using different platforms and develop end to end applications

On completion of the course you will be able to,

  • Develop IoT firmware by yourself

  • Interface various sensors, collect and process data from them

  • Create online dashboards for the data analytics and telemetry

  • Create an Android/IOS application to view the data from anywhere

  • Create a local webserver using your device to monitor and store data

  • Develop bluetooth based application and connect it with any device including the mobile phones

  • Use WiFi to connect to internet and publish data to websites and IoT webservices

  • Use GSM and GPRS services to publish and exchange data between services

  • Use long range communication protocol like LoRa to connect with distant devices


ESP32 – Programming and sensor interfacing

ESP32 SOC features and programming Concepts for IoT application development. Interfacing Different analog and digital sensors with ESP32 to measure the physical parameters such as humidity, pressure, and temperature.

IoT Architecture

The general IOT Architecture with the protocols involved and the communication flow between end device and cloud services. The IOT System features and applications with examples.

MQTT protocol

The architecture, features of MQTT protocol and Pub/Sub model with the client and Brokers. MQTT Protocol with different cloud services and IoT examples using MQTT Protocol.

IoT cloud platform – Cayenne

IoT Application Development using Cayenne and MQTT Protocol. Debugging and testing of MQTT connections with Cayenne.

WiFi and BLE

The wireless protocols WIFI, Bluetooth and BLE With all the fundamentals, General features, Protocol specifications and Working.BLE and WIFI in ESP32 and developing firmware for wifi scan and BLE Server applications.

Mobile apps in android & IOS

Mobile Application Development in Android and iOS using app-building tools. Building the application for controlling the devices remotely.

IoT gateway

The importance of IoT Gateway in IoT Architecture and General features of IoT Gateway based on ESP32. Firmware development to Communicate gateway with sensors in the node using different wireless protocols.


The SIM808 module interfacing with the IoT gateway and communicating with esp32 through UART. Developing firmware to setup GSM/GPRS connectivity in ESP32 IOT Gateway.


Lora Interfacing using SPI in IoT Gateway and Establishing the Long Range communication. Developing the Firmware to communicate between Two LORA Devices.

Mangoose OS

Application building using mongoose os in esp32 platforms. Connecting esp32 with cloud platforms using mongoose os and publishing the sensor readings on cloud dashboard.

Setting up Local Webserver

Creating the web server in ESP32 IoT Gateway to serve the sensor reading through the webpage. Creating the firmware for webserver and serving the html page on client requests.

Applications and example projects

Building IoT Application using IOT Gateways, Node Devices, Sensors and cloud platforms. Creating Example projects and Demonstrating the IoT concepts.