Online Course for Internet of Things

Online Course

Videos covering from basics to advanced with real-life examples

IoT Gateway board

IoT Gateway Development Board

Get yourself an IoT Development board with WiFi/Bluetooth, LoRa, GSM functionalities

Online certification

Get a completion certificate that can be verified online from anywhere

Learn to develop complete IoT products

  • Learn to Develop IoT firmware

  • Interface various sensors, collect and process data from them

  • Create online dashboards for the data analytics and telemetry

  • Create an android/IOS application to view the data from anywhere

  • Develop bluetooth based application and connect it with any device including the mobile phones

  • Use WiFi to connect to internet and publish data to websites and IoT webservices

  • Create a local webserver using your device to monitor and store data

  • Use GSM and GPRS services to publish and exchange data between services

  • Use long range communication protocol like LoRa to connect with distant devices

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