OpenLab is a unique concept developed in Etiq lab aiming to fill the gap between high-end engineering theoretical knowledge and practical knowledge among engineering students and fresh graduates. It is a sophisticated platform on which one can find all the necessary electronic control modules, circuit making devices and ports arranged on a single platform with a unique structure. One can use the OpenLab to learn, experiment, design and implement a vast range of circuits.

OpenLab has three different categories of products.

  • OpenLab Design Platforms
  • OpenLab Development Boards
  • OpenLab Basic Boards
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Platform comparison

OpenLab Development Boards

Embedded Experiments

OpenLab is a self-learning embedded application development platform on which students and techno enthusiasts can experiment circuits of their choice and thereby acquiring related skills and expertise. The best part is that one can experiment and design a vast range of circuits starting from basic circuits to highly complicate done on this platform. For those high skilled professionals, OpenLab is best recommended for industrial prototype design of complex control systems.

Projects Development To Product Prototyping

OpenLab is designed for doing complete projects from the concept to a working model. Various onboard modules and additional add-on functionalities make it easy to realise a functional product. For designing products, initial prototyping needs fast implementation. It can be done by with very little effort in OpenLab and complete the first prototype very fast.

Flexibility In Port Selection

OpenLab breadboard

Flexibility in the design aspect plays a crucial role in advanced electronic boards and systems. Consider a user is engaged in a project which requires more number of ports apart from the default port placed adjacent to each board. OpenLab is enriched with a number of free ports as the whole design of the system has been done perceiving the user/learner as the main beneficiary. Flexibility in the case of OpenLab mainly speaks about these onboard connections. There are no permanent connections or ports between the controller and various boards. A user can even by pass the default port and can make use of other ports.

Enhanced Learning

OpenLab is implemented using through-hole components for better learning experiences. All the components are placed in accordance with their functionality, and circuits are arranged as section-wise.

Unlimited Resources To Support Self Learning

Apart from the user manuals and other leaf lets and palmlets, Etiq Technologies has a well-prepared website for learner’s help with online courses and tutorials. There is a dedicated section named LIY(Learn it yourself) where all the necessary tutorials on OpenLab are available with detail description and graphics. Besides, there are pages and sections on the website dealing with various other information regarding OpenLab and embedded system in general. For enhancing the effectiveness of learning, tutorials are embedded with enough umber of examples in each case.

Online Courses

QuickInsert Boards

Extend the functionality further with specially designed QuickInsert Boards and speed up the prototyping. They are available in different categories with different functionalities ranging from simple analog sensors to advanced machine-human interface sensors.

Quick Insert Boards