Group licences – Online Courses

Group licences – Online Courses

Different licensing options

  • Flexible plans
  • 5 seats license packs
  • Customizable durations, starting from 1 year up to 3 years
  • Group discounts


Unlike normal licenses, group licenses doesn’t have restriction on the total number of students that can be enrolled. If the license pack is for 25 students, 25 students can only attend the course at a time. After completion and certificate issuance, the next batch of students can be enrolled.

Manage students from a single dashboard

  • Enroll new students via manually or via uploading a CSV file
  • Remove completed students
  • Track course progress of each student
  • Access generated certificates

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a restriction on total students assigned to a course?

Yes and No.

There is a restriction on the number of students that can be accessed at a time. It depends on the license count.

There is NO restriction on the total number of students that can be assigned to a course. After completing a students’ course, you can remove them and add a new batch of students easily.

Can I buy group license offline/direct?

Yes. Please contact us for a quote. It is advantageous for you too because we can provide customized offers based on the number of seats/licenses you require.

How multiple licenses differ from Group license?

When you purchase multiple licenses, each license issues against a user account. Each user needs to place an order for their access and course certificates.

Group license issues against an admin account and this admin user manage his/her students’ access to the course from a centralized dashboard. When comparing costs, group licenses come with group discounts that won’t be available when purchasing individual licenses.

How do I get/purchase Group Licence for online courses?

Group licences for online courses can be purchased through both the normal route or by offline methods.


If you want 30 licences, just add 30 quantity of the required course. We’ll convert it to a group licence when confirming the order. You can purchase online courses from the course pages or get freely by purchasing the design platforms.


Contact us for a quote with the payment method of your choice. We’ll give you customized orders. Payment methods: Credit/debit cards, online banking, direct bank transfer (NEFT for India) or UPI

I can’t access Group Registration page

If you are seeing “You do not have privilege to view this page” message when accessing the group registration page, please contact support. Please note that you need to have group licence to access this page.

Please contact Support if you can’t access this page after having a group licence.

How many members can I add to a Course?

Users registration left for a group will be listed in Group Registration page, where you can see the number of remaining licences. Remeber, this is the maximum number of students who can attend the course at a time.

For example, if you have 30 licences and added 30 students to the group for this semester. After completing this semester, you can remove them and add 30 new students.

How do I remove students from the course?

Please visit Group Registration page for removing existing users from the group. Existing members will be listed on the page, you can clear each students’ access one by one.

How do I add students to the courses?

Please visit Group Registration page to add new users to the group. You can either use a .csv file with 3 columns (First name, Last name and email) to upload it or you can add it one by one manually.