PIC Microcontroller course using PIC18F4550

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PIC18 Microcontroller course is for absolute beginners to the Embedded systems. This course covers the internal modules, interfacing with external devices and development using the popular PIC18F4550 microcontrollers. 

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PIC Microcontroller course using PIC18F4550 – PIC Microcontroller online Course

PIC Microcontroller course using PIC18F4550 is a complete online course which is mainly targeted for hobbyists and students who want to learn about the Embedded systems and its designing techniques. This online course covers all the basic topics such as LED blinking, Relay interfacing, to the intermediate topics such as Timers, UART, ADC etc. By completing this course you will be able to understand the architecture of PIC microcontrollers and also you will be able to understand how to interface different external devices such as switches, Seven segment display, Keypad, Relays, LCDs etc, by understanding these interfacing techniques you will be able to proceed to the embedded system design and develop your own applications.

What you will learn by completing this course

  • You will learn about the controller and how to use them to develop your application.
  • You will get a complete understanding of hardware interfacing and Embedded system design.
  • You will learn Embedded C and microcontroller programming.
  • You will learn how to develop firmware for a particular application using the device datasheet.
  • You will also get a complete idea on how to use compilers and other development tools for PIC controllers.