Reward Points

Earn redeemable reward points for doing your regular tasks in this website.

As our valued customer and subscriber, earn points for activities like posting articles, comments, product reviews, sharing etc. Our settings make it really easy to earn points.

How do I earn Reward Points

Registration and Referral

50 points for becoming a member

50 points for referring a new member when they signup. Earn points by sharing this page. Copy and paste the following URL:

Referral URL example:[mycred_affiliate_id]

Participating in Forums discussions

2 points for new forum topic (up to 10 times/day)

1 point for a new forum reply

Product Reviews

Earn 25 points each for reviewing purchased product.

Publishing an article

A minimum of 100 points can be earned for each post you submit. This can be varied to 1000 points as per post quality. We’ll finalize the final points after reviewing the post. Please contact us, we’ll reply with details.

How do I deduct Reward Points

Use the below form to generate a Coupon code which can be used in the shop. The generated coupon is valid for 30 days, after that it expires and points will be restored.

You need at least 100 points to redeem the coupon and can be redeemed 1000 points at a time as a coupon. Every 4 points are worth 1 Rupees.

You must be logged in to generate store coupons.

My Points

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Reward Points history

If you have any points earning or deduction history, it will be listed below.

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